I like FPS like CoD and Battle Field. But only if I’m WINNING!

Anonymous said: How did ya get into furry AB/DL artwork?

Another one I can’t really draw out, but I can at least reply to!

More under the cut just in case some of you aren’t okay with baby and diaper things:

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My favorite comics are ones that involve Batman and the Gotham Rouges, especially Detective Comics, Batman Black and White, and Joker’s Asylum. But I love Green Lantern, the Flash, Birds of Prey, nd sometimes TMNT and Transformers.

All these friendly faces…

ruki-posts said: this is probably what everyone asks LOL how'd you get yourself into the fandom, also why? we are such a weird bunch XD

Not sure I could really draw this one out! I wish I could though haha. But that would be more like a graphic novel than a picture reply.

But basically it all started with forums. My friend introduced me to deviantart when I was in junior high. Around the same time, I became obsessed with the show American Dragon. Well one da group linked to a AD:JL forums annnnd I was hooked. I met so many people, and more so, I could post my art there! Well one day on the forums, I happened upon a thread about furries and furry sites. I posted on the thread asking what it was all about. My friend said I could post my art to the site fa and meet people just like myself (since I had been a furry the whole time without knowing the fandom). So I joined FA (which was about 6 months old at this time) and my friend showed me around. Needless to say I was sucked in!

Anywho, fast forward a bit to my first encounter with my friend Chance (chancethedragon on fa/da). It all started out as a normal commissioner to artist meet. He wanted art and I was there to supply. But among all the commission talk, he happened to notice that I was local to him and he offered to meet and hang out. I was pretty much all for it and so was my lover at the time, so we decided to meet Chance! After finding out he was a great guy (also, moving in with him this year c:), we decided to hang out more often and he invited us to a meet down in San Diego. We agreed to go annnnnd here I am! 8 furry cons and over 50 meets under my belt and enough friends to start an army! The furry fandom is great and ever so glad I stumbled into it!

Anonymous said: What do you put in that pouch of yours anyhow?

Well let’s see…. I have a Hoodoo joey, candy, and a reincarnated god today it seems.

Anonymous said: Shadoooooow~ when we just gunna curl up an watch a scary movie? Speaking of which...what's your favorite? :0 ~Narsassus

We need to one day soon I swear! As for favorite scary movie, I would have to say “The Thing”, both the original and the remake!

Anonymous said: Hello?